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Robin studied singing with Debbie Catterall, ex Director of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain. Many of Robin's pupils have commented on his ability to teach a diverse range of vocal styles to the highest level.  He is currently engaged in ongoing training with leading choral directors nationally, including Sue Hollingworth (Gramophone Choral Director of the Year). Past pupils have gained places at stage schools, LIPA, Huddersfield University, York St Johns and elsewhere as well as successfully competing on a number of TV competitions.  For 8 years running they have won the highest marks for their grades in the North East.  This year a 15 year old gained her diploma and it's not uncommon for primary pupils to gain Grade 5 by the time they are in Year 6.  One of Robin's pupils recently wrote a reference for him on his linkedin profile 

Sue Hunter (MD at PSI Global Ltd Group)

Robin is a highly skilled teacher of voice enhancement taking good care not to stress vocal chords. He has not only improved my singing voice but also enhanced my verbal communication.. As a teacher of performance singing he also improved my presentation, giving me a much more relaxed approach to public speaking. 

He is also the choir master for Gospel Shock, a group endeavouring to inspire through song. 

I have no hesitation in recomending Robin for those who wish to improve their voice both spoken and in song.  




Robin has a very down-to-earth approach to enabling pupils to correct seemingly quite complex issues.  His teaching technique rapidly leads to you knowing what it should 'feel like' inside when you get it right!  Pupils ranges, tone and ability to create a variety of vocal colour expand rapidly in the first few weeks.


  • In 2007-8 one pupil gained the highest grade for a pop vocals in examination in the region,
  • In 2008-9 five pupils gained the highest marks in the region for pop vocals and the examinations that they took ranged from Grade 1 to Grade 7.
  • 2009-10 3 pupils gained the highest marks in the region
  • 2010-11 a further 3 pupils gained the highest marks.
  • 2012 a further pupil did the same and in 2013 a Grade 8 pupil gained 97%.
  • 2014, my youngest diploma pupil yet at 15 years of age and a Grade 6 pupil gained 95%.


Robin has a very structured approach to improvisation.  This is most useful to jazz, pop and musical theatre singers in an attempt to develop their own style.  A personal approach to a song is the key to individual success and distinction from the performances of other singers.



As pupils advance Robin actively seeks to create performance opportunities for them in the community.  Pupils have sung at many public events.


£35 per hour, £20 per half-hour.
Lessons are suitable for all ages (my youngest singers are 7 and my oldest are in their 70s!)

Vocal Styles by Ed
The best commendation I think I can give Dr Harrison is that after every lesson, I come away with a buzz, whistling the tune of whatever I've been singing. I don't really go just because I want to get good results in exams, I go because I want to become a good singer and because I love singing. That means that coming away having felt like I've improved, like I've enjoyed singing and that I haven't just repeated what I did last week is fantastic.

I think that last point is really important. I've been going to singing lessons for about 5 months, something like that, and I still haven't done the same exercise more than twice. I think that Dr Harrison stands out in that his methods work for everyone because they're different for everyone; tailor-made teaching. What works for you works for you and if it works, don't knock it. 

The individuality that Dr Harrison is also important because the music is performed by you and not written by whoever so it has to come from you and be expressed as you want it to be and Dr Harrison helps you do this in his methods for expressive singing and his freedom in that he does what you want to do. You want to sing Bach, do it. You want to learn part of Shostakovitch's Lady Macbeth, do it. You fancy learning a bit of jazz singing for a change, great he has just the exercise and just the song to get you going.

Mondays are the best days of the week, I get through school and then I have singing and piano lessons with Dr Harrison.

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