Robin is an inspirational and fun to work with choral director and teacher who uses a wide variety of methods to actively engage singers and would be singers enthusiastically. His expertise and knowledge of a variety of methods help to focus the student's ability to "place" their voices appropriately in an an effective way so they can sing in a particular style suited to the music. He has a wide variety of choral repertoire knowledge and works with both the very young and senior citizens making them feel confident about themselves and their voices. Robin is passionate and caring and believes everyone has the ability to sing out with confidence and skill and he inspires all his students to do so in a safe and secure manner. He recognises their strengths and weaknesses and encourages them to vocally explore and push themselves yet allows them to feel happy in their vocal ability before taking them to the next level. Robin's passionate and inspiring approach will definitely rub off and leave you wanting to come back for more! Jane Jackson, Deputy Director and co-Founder Gospel Shock Choir; Performing Arts and Primary School Teacher.
I took Year 1 into a group session with Dr Harrison.  The Children were very engaged and enjoyed singing the songs.  By the end of the session they had learned three different songs without realising and were able to reproduce actions relating to the songs. Some of the songs involved singing solos. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed this session at the time. Teacher, Layfield Primary School
Y1 children said: ‘We played lots of great games’, ‘It was fun – REALLY fun!’, ‘We enjoyed it’.
I sat in with the Year 3 class (7 to 8 year olds) who began the session by appearing self conscious and embarrassed at having to sing etc. I can honestly say that by the end of the session every child was joining in having shed all their inhibitions. What a difference an hour makes,Dr Harrison made the session fun and informative at the same time and I'm sure many of the children came away as budding musicians! Year 3 Teacher, Layfield Primary School
Year 3 children said:
· I liked it because all the games were fun and everyone got join in.
· We learnt about rhythm and the games were fun.
· At first I didn't want to join in but by the end I was really happy and enjoying it.
· I liked it because Dr Harrison was very nice and funny and we learnt about all the different pitches.
Robin is an inspiring and gifted teacher whose musicality and enthusiasm, combined with skilled coaching, motivates people of all ages to achieve in ways they never imagined.  ​So singing becomes part of a wider package of self esteem and the development of positive attitudes towards working together creatively to produce something beautiful and of lasting worth.
Dr Harrison) has been the organist and choirmaster for St Mary Magdalene's Church Yarm for the past 2 years and has brought a new dimension to the music in worship. He has worked hard with the choir, which has members of all ages and abilities, inspiring them to tackle new and difficult anthems and music and they have responded reaching new heights. Although the choir practices are short he always begins with some vocal exercises and coaches members individually and as a group to achieve their very best with truly outstanding results. He has also worked with community groups in the area and their choirs have augmented the church choir on several occasions bringing new and refreshing music to the worship. Canon John Ford, Rural Dean
Robin was my high school teacher. I have never had such a compassionate teacher who would do anything to see his students succeed. He even stayed behind in his own time every day to help me and my development. I went on to receive A*s in practical and theory. Although the most important part of my learning was Robin's excellent coaching skills which took me from a mediocre singer to coming second in a national singing competition with 12,000 contestants at the age of 18. I would not hesitate having any tuition from Robin, my only regret is that I now live too far away from him to carry on! Jessica, former Year 10-11 pupil
Robin is a highly skilled teacher of voice enhancement taking good care not to stress vocal chords. He has not only improved my singing voice but also enhanced my verbal communication.. As a teacher of performance singing he also improved my presentation, giving me a much more relaxed approach to public speaking.  Sue Hunter
Joining the choir was one of the best decisions i have ever made. The choir has gave me so many opportunities to perform at public appearances and has also helped me gain so much more confidence. Without Robin i would have never of found my own voice, or achieved as many things as i have in such a short time. I love the choir."  Erin, member of Bobby Dazzler’s Choir
I learnt classical piano for associated board exams for a long time and hadn't really done anything else. I kind of wanted to branch out a bit and, not having any experience in improvising or jazz rhythms didn't matter. I said I wanted to do some improvisation so that's what we do. He shows me how with little exercises that teach without you knowing your working or practising until you have to use that particular skill and you realise you can just do it. I feel like he makes it easy to learn because you keep doing new things, he shows you how in a way that's unique to both him and you because if that's how you learn best then that's how you're going to learn. There's no 'This is how you do it, now repeat a million times' it just flows naturally and you learn how you want to. I still keep up the classical piano and I bet I could ask to throw in other styles and genres, for want of a better term, and we'd just roll with it.I think that keeping up with the classical aspect helps improve my technique so that I don't have to think about it, I just do it.  Ed, Year 12.
The best commendation I think I can give Dr Harrison is that after every lesson, I come away with a buzz, whistling the tune of whatever I've been singing. I don't really go just because I want to get good results in exams, I go because I want to become a good singer and because I love singing. That means that coming away having felt like I've improved, like I've enjoyed singing and that I haven't just repeated what I did last week is fantastic.

I think that last point is really important. I've been going to singing lessons for about 5 months, something like that, and I still haven't done the same exercise more than twice. I think that Dr Harrison stands out in that his methods work for everyone because they're different for everyone; tailor-made teaching. What works for you works for you and if it works, don't knock it. 

The individuality that Dr Harrison is also important because the music is performed by you and not written by whoever so it has to come from you and be expressed as you want it to be and Dr Harrison helps you do this in his methods for expressive singing and his freedom in that he does what you want to do. You want to sing Bach, do it. You want to learn part of Shostakovitch's Lady Macbeth, do it. You fancy learning a bit of jazz singing for a change, great he has just the exercise and just the song to get you going.
Mondays are the best days of the week, I get through school and then I have singing and piano lessons with Dr Harrison.

Dr Robin Harrison has a wealth of musical experience and an inclusive approach to the teaching and learning of music at Primary level. All children experience success and programmes of study are individually tailored to suit different needs.  Robin's enthusiasm is boundless; enthusiasm which is infectious, inspiring children and teachers alike.'  Gillian Taylor, Head teacher.

Thank you so much Robin for your amazing music last night. I have had so many messages today all of which mention yourself and the choir. Photos and blurb are on its way to press and the magazines. It was a truly amazing night and on the last count it was over £8000 mark. Still counting!!! So grateful and I hope from our event you get the recognition you deserve x


Jazz piano reviews:

There aren't enough superlatives in the English Language for me to use to explain how fantastic Robin is. He is THE best musician I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He played at my wedding and everyone commented on how amazing the pianist was! He also then went on to play some improv as we walked out of the room as we signed the register. He is a spectacular musician and nothing is ever too much trouble. You would not be disappointed if Robin played at an event, I guarantee it.

He played at my wedding and it was so perfect. I told him what I wanted and he blew me and my guests away! also played some improv whilst we were getting photos done, sounded fantastic. I would very highly recommend to anyone for any occasion. 

What more can one say but CLASS

Thank you so much Robin for doing a version of my favourite song and making it amazing (Roxette, Almost Unreal) this is now my ringtone on my phone and I love it, I love the way you take a track and make it your own

Robin is an excellent musician & teacher.

Wonderful Piano version of Have I Told You Lately, just love it. Have a great 2015, regards from Benita Uk No. 1 Jazz Singer.

Hi Robin...I enjoyed your freestyle of playing...I'd like to thank you for the listening opportunity...All the best...Mike

Brilliant rendition of "Have You Met Miss Jones?"!  With your impressive song list, I know I will be a frequent visitor to your page!

You are great! Your piano skills are impressive and you're also a great songwriter. "Almost Unreal Roxette" stood out to me the most. Awesome work!

Your playing is simply beautiful and soothing. I especially enjoyed "Close to You".

Love Misty!!

It's a pleasure to get acquainted with your music. I wish you continuous inspiration and success! Serge Grimalsky.

Sounds Like Satday Mornin Chillin! Love it!

Beautiful soulful piano!!!

"Misty" is fantastic....great piano....cheers!

I really enjoyed Misty, Paper Moon is a great favourite, and St Louis Blues is also.

Hey Professor, nice piano work my friend. I really enjoyed Misty and Paper Moon. Two of my favorites and you made them shine. Excellent work indeed!

Paper moon is pretty sweet!

"Paper moon" sweet melody line.

I really love your playing, it is filled with warmth & expression..

Ideal for Teesside, Yarm, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Durham, York, Darlington Weddings and Events.

We were so impressed with the choir and their energy throughout the whole day. Once again thank you for supporting us, Martin and I had a brilliant day and the choir was perfect.

Regarding a wedding summer 2014, Glo Clark wrote "I so enjoyed hearing your choir on Saturday - I love that song."

A bride wrote: "The music and choir sounded wonderful, thank you for organising it all."

A charity event, November 2014: "Thank you so much Robin for your amazing music last night. I have had so many messages today all of which mention yourself and the choir. Photos and blurb are on its way to press and the magazines. It was a truly amazing night and on the last count it was over £8000 mark. Still counting!!! So grateful and I hope from our event you get the recognition you deserve x"

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